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NIS 18

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1/4 Berth And Stowage

Access Step In Cabin

Ballast Tiles

Building Respite

Check Hatch Function

Confirming Stem CutOuts

Foli Pattern Template

Kerry's NIS18 Ketch

Laminated Ballast Fairing

Lyall's Shed Brisbane

Main Hatch Frame

NIS18 Clancy QBerth

NIS18 Jacana On Trailer

NIS18 Jacana Turning Day

NIS18 Ketch

NIS18 Masts Folded

NIS18 Mk1 Kit Didi

NIS18 Offset CB Slot

NIS18 Yawl

Painting Hatch Runners

Paint Over Epoxy

Phil's NIS18 Mk1 Kit Ketch

Phil's NIS18 Mk1 Ketch

Precoated Sheets

Premade Roof

Prepainted Decks Underside

Prepainted Topsides

Roof Lamination

Roof Lamination Screw Pads

Router Trimmed Ballast

Rudder Blade & Template

Setting Up Cockpit Hatch

Tony's Turn Over Day 1995

Trial Hatch Location

NIS 26

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Bottom Completed

Don't Do This!

Empty Office

Head Work

Ian's Pallet Stage

Ballast Fairing


Individual Interior

Kit Detail

Kit Strongback CutOut

Mk1 Model

Mk1 OB Mod

Mk2 Bottom Planking

MK2 Kit Bottom Planked

Outboard Opening

Part Bottom Sheeted


Scratch Build Strongback

Secret Launch

Typical OutBoard

Mk2 Kit Strongback

Trailer Philosophy

Frames Bow

Phil & His Shed

Phil's Boat Building Tent

Phil's Shed Outside

Fitting Lead

Sink Work

Stephen Kris End Point

Stephen's Aft Deck

Stephen's Frame Up

St Louis Shed

Tony work

NIS 31

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Frame Bow

Kick Back Blade Rudder

Cabin Forward

Cabin Top

Centre Board


First Plank

Fixing Ballast

Fixing Ballast 2

Just Launched


Cabin Forward


Pre-Drilling Lead

Pre-fab Roof

Prior To Launch

Ring Frames

Faming In Keelson

Sheer Clamp

Sheer Lamination

Turning Over

NIS31 3D Drawing

NIS 23

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NIS23 Frame 1

NIS23 Frame 2

Bottom Lamination

Bottom And Hull

NIS23 Turning

Cabin Frame CB Case

Fit Precoated Topsides

NIS23 Plan 1 Galley

Fit Sliding Hatch Splash Lip

Cockpit Frames

Cabin Frames

CB Case

Mizzen Fit

Main Tabernacle & Boom

Vang & Boom

Main Tabernacle BoomVang

Main Vang

Lazy Jacks Boom

Cleats 1

Reefing Gear 1

Cleats 2

Lazy Jacks 2

Cabin Interior

Fit Cockpit Hatches

Cabin Interior 2

Fitting Lead

Hull Bottom

Fitting Lead 2

Hull Painted Aft

Main Boom End Detail

Main Tabernacle Over

Rudder Tiller Drawing

Hull On Frame Bow

Tabernacle Detail

Rego Numbers

Painting Rego Numbers

Hull Side Panited

NIS23 On Trailer

NIS 29

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Fitting Cockpit Cleats

Carrying Mast

Fitting CB


Sanding CB

Towing NIS29 1

Launching NIS29

Towing NIS29 2

Vee Berth

Frames Bow


NIS 43

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Turning Over 1

Turning Over 2

Turning Over 3


Turning Over 4

Turning Over 5

Turning Over 6

NIS43 Drawing
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