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Selling Your Boat and Boat Gear?   Boat Gear For Sale>>>

We’ve had years of pleasure (mostly) successfully selling many wooden and other boats.

We pride ourselves on our ability to find good homes for your boat, at sensible prices. We also try to find good homes for boat related gear, such as trailers, dynastart units, outboard motors, fittings and equipment, construction materials, tools etc. 

To find out how we can help you, please phone or email us.

If your boat sells for over 40,000 as a result of our direction, then there would be a 7.5% commission. More time goes into this stuff than you might imagine.


If it sells for less than that, as a result of our direction, it would be a 10% commission. Thats because it takes the same time to convince people for less return!!

You also supply an inventory list and condition statement, as well as anecdotes around the life of the boat. Pictures with people, especially families in them are good.
We will never 'hype' the boat in order to get a sale.

If we think its crappy, or wildly over priced we will say so, but we will also suggest ways that it may be rectified, if we believe it can be.

Robert Ayliffe

Hartley TS18 - $6900   18' x 7'10" x 11"

Hartley 18’ half cabin planing hull open water capable cruiser. Galvanised Premier Trailer. Built circa 1965.

Two excellent Volvo Penta motors, one as spare; gear box, prop shaft and prop. Serviced, ready to be put back in boat. 

Unused South Lakes Marine Upholstery full head room  convertible storm proof canopy kit. Unused  windows and screen, waiting be fitted. Tidy strong build.  Sleeps two, inside cabin.



Under sole and inside cabin stripped ready for Bote Cote epoxy sealing.  Needs to have 'the bits' put back on.  Volvo Penta manuals and parts catalogs included.

And much more.

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NIS 23 Mk1 - $16,500   23' x 7'4" x 8"

On trailer, Honda OB, aluminium masts.. Ken OBrien (Australia 2’s Sailmaker ) made the sails. Needs trim only sanding and painting. Cop r Bote on bottom.

Carbon masts booms with alloy tabernacles available for retro fitting.

  Click pic to enlarge
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NIS 26 - $3500   26 x 8' x 10"

Part built NIS 26 hull, cabin furniture and cockpit framing on crappy but useful trailer . Okoume plywood. All epoxy filleted and coated.  Glassed outside. CB case in place.

  Click pic to enlarge
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NIS 23 - $8850   23' x 7'4" x 8"

NIS 23 with Tabernacles, fitted Carbon Masts, Carbon Booms  running rig and good sails.

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Wee Seal MK II - Offers Near 15K   18' x 6'11" x 1'7" Draft

New Part Build!  VERY well made, but life has intervened

Stunning hull finish.

All premium Okoume, Bote Cote products, hull all glassed in Bote Cote.  part built trailer, short shaft 5hp 4 stroke brand new outboard motor with battery charging potential,  Fits in venting and draining well.  Outboard has integral fuel tank , but can have fuel lines and seperate tankage.

Several sail rigs available for this boat, including a very elegant supremely easily handled  Lug Yawl rig option.

Lug Yawl Rig  Completely self tacking, powerful 
simple safe rig.  And, no damn shrouds! Carbon spars available.

Minimal, seaworthy coastal cruiser for two.

Beautiful quality work, best materials.

South Australia, but can deliver.

Enquiries welcome

  Click pic to enlarge
    Cockpit Vee Berth
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NIS 5.5 - Missie Lee   18' x 6'7" x 4" Draft SOLD!

Missie Lee is the first NIS 5.5 yawl on the water in Australia. She looks so jaunty as we knew she would, and she goes as we hoped she would. Gavin doesn’t muck around.

The build was unusually fast. I could tell from the look of the project, and the tone, of the frequent phone and email conversations that this was a man comfortable about ‘making things!’
We are grateful not only that Gavin has built Missie Lee, but that he has made such a cracking job of her. The late Phil Bolger once told me that the success of any design was as much to do with the choice of rst builders as it was of the design itself. In this case I’m sure that the NIS (now 5.8) yawl has a great future.

Another two are in build now, one of which, Tom Pearce’s, will be launched into the wild blue of Encounter Bay on November 25. Another NIS 5.8 yawl, an ‘Expedition’, looks like starting soon near Williamstown in Melbourne.
The yawls, with their extreme aft mounted mizzen
all have a really clear spacious cockpit great for all sailing but especially suited to day sailing with friends and family. The ‘Expedition’, with its very short cabin and very long cockpit takes that day sailing and expeditioning space to a whole new level. More about that in a later issue.
The ‘look’ of the yawl is interesting too, the space between the cabin and the mizzen mast and bumpkin stretching the boat visually in a really pleasing way.
Makes the boat look much longer and sleeker.


  Click pic to enlarge
  Cockpit with masts folded Cabin top arrangements Cabin/Galley lokking aft
    Cabin looking forward  
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NIS - 9.5 - Santa Maria - Gift - $25,000   31'3": x 9'9" x 1'6" Draft

Currently in northern NSW,  still in build.  The owner has been doing a careful job of her, using the best materials.  We know, we supplied them!

However as sometimes happens. life itself outruns the original reason to build.  The owner had intended to build  her with electric drive, and to cruise with his enthusiastic younger family.

They kinda grew up, along the way, and priorities have changed.

The boat and her stories would have been sensational. She also might have been the first NIS 9.5 in the world with our unstayed carbon masts booms and tabernacles. 

To have been called, Santa Maria, she now awaits somone else to pick her up, and carry her to where she might be finished, and make the dream real.

There is a lot of materials and equipment with her.

Enough Bote Cote epoxy resins, glass fabrics, Okoume plywood etc etc to finish her.

She is still upside down on her building frame.  

She is pretty much ready for lifting off the build frame, tuning and fitting out of the interior.

The owner may be able be able to lift her onto a big traytop truck or semi trailer.



  Click pic to enlarge
Nearly 90 litre of premium Bote Cote, applicator tools and some EGlue too I think.  Nearly Au$3K
  More glass Huge stack of Okoume plywood.  At a guess about $7K Everything in safe storage.
  Nicely faired and glassed very strong but light hull. Hull transom view Glassed centreboasr
  Alloy tabernacles  still in wrapping.  Bear in mind the deal includes carbon masts valued today at about 16K, still in wrapping.  Ok but not worth much now with the preferred new carbon tabernacles
    Sister ship, Geraldton WA  This is what you can do, too!  and most of the heavy lifting is done. Live abourd cruiser, if you wish.
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Putt Putt - Beavis Rosiiter   0' x 0'0" x 0" Draft SOLD!

This is an intersting traditional small fisshing boat  Built in the 50’s in Adelaide she has an aircooled recoil start Honda 5.6 driving theougha small reduction gear box, AND a small cat rig sail et up.  Her previous owner made a smal but appropriate size centreboard to further improve her sailing fperformance.n. She is on  a functioning registered trailer and is curently stored ina shed here in SA.

She looks pretty gnarly, but she isn’t.  No split planks!  Light weight too, and pretty lines once you get past the gnarly faking pa.

She would be a great make her into a moncoque hull with careful use of Bote Cote products

  Click pic to enlarge
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Danish Putt Putt Classic! - $8,000   5.18 x 1.78 x 0.70M

Could this become the best looking, and possibly the most competent Putt Putt Boat in Australia?  If you are looking for a low maintenance, standout small traditional fishing boat with unique provenance, you should read on!

Mark’s family is from Denmark, and his dad Borge, before he left us, almost completed building this gorgeous brand new double ended clinker fishing boat, indigenous to his Danish homeland.

We feel honoured that Mark has asked us to find an appreciative home for this truly unique motor launch.

Here is how  Mark describes the boat:

The boat is  5.18m long, 1.78m beam, 0.70m freeboard and 0.63m draught.
The boat design is from Snekkersten, which is on the North east coast of Sjaelland, one of the islands which make up Denmark.
This boat type were used with herring nets, eel traps, fishing with hook and line and the tending of permanent pound nets. They were originally Spritsail and topsail rigged without a jib. This allowed more room for the fishermen to work and row. They were built from the late 1800’s and became powered from the early 1900’s on.

(See below for a speculative picture of the original upon which this boat is based.)

They were an inshore and alongshore craft designed and built to suit the fishing and sea conditions of the local area. 
There are no spars or sail with Dad’s boat. I think it makes a better motor boat anyway, so apart from what we discussed, not much to do. The trailer is about to be re registered and every thing bar the frame is new.

The engine is sitting on the bed but not bolted down.
The propeller shaft has been bored but the shaft and propeller are supplied but not fitted.
The rudder has been made but not painted and hung.
The fuel tank and lines not installed.
The boat has never been in the water.
The length is 5m (16ft )  Beam 2m (6ft 6ins )

The construction is Epoxy Glued Plywood lapstrake; Epoxy sealed and glued planks over sawn frames, unlike most Australian boats of this size, which are planks reinforced by lightweight bent ribs, which frequently crack, and conspire against easy maintenance.

Striking bow, note work boat sized rubbing strips; grounding keels on fourth plank (from Keel) and serious brass dee section stem and deadwood buffer.

Needs completion, but not much.  Her fully reconditioned trailer is ready to take her away tomorrow, and if needed, even cross the Nullarbor.  With this construction, no concerns about planks opening in the hot sun, or icy cold winter.  A truly traditional motor sailing putt putt with extreme low maintenance characteristics.

  Click pics to enlarge
  Looking Fwd Reconditioned Clae 4HP motor well suited to this boat.  Dog clutch shown, but the shaft is connected to a custom FNR gearbox. More motor detail
  Looking Fwd Very pretty stern note new stern gland Linkage between engine and gearbox
  Port Looking Aft PortBow
  Speculative pic of what Mark’s dad, Borge took his lines from;
the rig is suggestive, cat ketch, and unstayed, possibly spritsails, with a yard?  This would be fun to sail, as well as row, or motor.
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Chili - NIS 29 - $29,000   29' x 8'6" x 12" Draft SOLD!

Professionally built Hull.  Ken OBrien (Aust 2) Sails.

Goldspar Masts and Booms

StrayDog DropKick Rudder, Brilliant finish.

Full Bote Cote/Okoume Ply build.  Extra thick bottom.
Massive glass to water line, lighter fabric over.  Cop R Bote permanent Anti Foul.  Zap Flap on CB slot.  Very low maintenance boat.

Great Southern Lakes racing and cruising history.

Stunningly appointed, interior and cabin structure done by leading Adelaide interior designer, and it shows.

This boat has been raced, cruised, tuned and developed by the owner over many years, and is one of the best NIS 29’ers anywhere.

The paint work is in as new shape, all the systems work well and Chili is ready to go now.   At a fraction of the materials cost  tis boat really does have to looked at.

Chili in the right hands is capable of sailing anywhere, safely, desperately easily handled and with real comfort.  You can walk around inside her, while she is automatically self steering, and you can take her from a gale in the open ocean to sitting on a mudflat at low tide, while you get out and go for a walk, over the flats.

Enclosed heads, very comfortable sleeping and dining for four.
Daysailing for 10 or more. Big enough to live aboard.

Ready to sail to wherever your harbour is!


  Click pic to enlarge
      Racing in Milang Goolwa race
  High quality furnishing throughout Useful easy to use galley  
      CB Case becomes dining table for six  
      The Office Ready to go! Blade drop kick rudder box set up.  Moor where others cannot, with Chili’s extra shallow draft.
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Karma 2 - Bargain - $16,000   9m x 3M x1.4 (Adelaide) OFFERS INVITED

Sound well equipped ready to go cruising/club racing.
‘Karma2’ is an NZ built (Compass Yachts) fibre glass cutter interpretation of the famed Herreshoff H28, slightly stretched and enlarged to 9M. Full headroom throughout a spacious interior set up. In her owner John’s 15 year custodianship of Karma 2 he has probably won more club harbour and open water events than any other yacht in the fleet at the Port Adelaide Sailing Club.

‘Karma2’ is in very sound condition, and comes with a long list of good gear.

Teak trim throughout. Need s new owner to take her to new horizons and great family experiences.

Very comfortable and fast. Big enough to live aboard.

  Click pic to enlarge
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