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Selling Your Boat and Boat Gear?   Boat Gear For Sale>>>

We’ve had years of pleasure (mostly) successfully selling many wooden and other boats.

We pride ourselves on our ability to find good homes for your boat, at sensible prices. We also try to find good homes for boat related gear, such as trailers, dynastart units, outboard motors, fittings and equipment, construction materials, tools etc. 

To find out how we can help you, please phone or email us.

If your boat sells for over 40,000 as a result of our direction, then there would be a 7.5% commission. More time goes into this stuff than you might imagine.


If it sells for less than that, as a result of our direction, it would be a 10% commission. Thats because it takes the same time to convince people for less return!!

You also supply an inventory list and condition statement, as well as anecdotes around the life of the boat. Pictures with people, especially families in them are good.
We will never 'hype' the boat in order to get a sale.

If we think its crappy, or wildly over priced we will say so, but we will also suggest ways that it may be rectified, if we believe it can be.

Robert Ayliffe

NIS Section Riverboat- Open to offers   10 x 2.5 x 0.3m

Live aboard NIS section river boat, or able to be incredibly ostentatious (and wonderful) centre cockpit launch.  

Very strong, well constructed using premium materials and ‘Lifetime’ non polluting CopRBote anti foul.  Ready to be completed.  

Trailerable, or easily lifted to Semi Trailer for transportation any where.  Weight about 2.5 tonnes.  

In shed in suburban Adelaide.  

Enquiry invited - Open to offers.  
Delivery can be arranged.


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Tammie Norrie 13 - Offers around $5k    

Well equipped including 2 pairs English bronze rowlocks, Watersnake 54lb 12Volt Battery Motor (will sell seperately $470) and pro built trailer.  


4 hp outboard for sale
Manual Start 4 stroke hardly used.
$490 ono



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Oughtred Penny Fee- Offers around 6K    

This one is another kit built Penny Fee in flight. GREAT rig! Great family day sailor, rowing boat.

One of Iain Oughtreds great open rowing sailing Skiffs. Balanced lug Yawl, on trailer.  All the bells and whistles.
Located Victoria.

Offers around 6K.


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NIS23 - Matilda - $31,000   23' x 7'4" x 8" SOLD!

Norwalk Islands Sharpies 23.  This one has provenance!  She has sailed continuously for over 4 weeks in the Pilbara, running huge tides and seas into sheltered gulches, surrounded by crocodiles at night.  And rode the tide out again. in the morning, sailing through standing was of metres high. Story attached.  She spent a lot of time racing in Western Australia, and now has tabernacles, nearly new carbon masts and booms, and sails. New sails are White.

Her owners life has changed...  She is the legendary second Norwalk Islands Sharpie in Australia.  She was and is extremely well built.  

She is; ‘MATILDA'!

She is on her trailer in Fremantle, WA with her masts folded, ready to add even more to the  Norwalk Islands Sharpies legend. 

Asking price: A gift at 31K


Read the Story>>>




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NIS 18 CNC Boat Kit - 20,000   18'' x 6' 4" x 10"

This kit has come up for sale because of owner's health issues.

CNC pack comprises of:
All Mk 2 NIS 18 CNC premium Okoume bulkheads, interior furniture, cockpit furniture, topsides panels and MDF self aligning building jig.

Several panels have radiused cleats already in place and are Bote Cote epoxy sealed. All work professional standard.

Solid timber framing pack comprises of:
Clear hoop pine dimensioned cleat, keelson, chine logs, sheer clamps, CB case headledges, and more.

Glues and sealing materials:
Enough EGlue and Bote Cote epoxy resin to glue seal and complete the hull.

Rolls of fibre glass cloths for outside hull protection, making the centreboard foil and rudder box and blade.

New unused bare engineered Carbon Fibre Main and Mizzen masts and Tabernacle sections.

Available immediately, located in South Australia.
Freight can be arranged.

Here is some of the kit:
The carbon spars, etc, stuff is up in the roof of the shed.. Hard to photograph but can send those pictures on enquiry.

Absolute gift at $12,000.




  So! Make a call. Then, go, from THIS...
  ...TO THIS!!
And a whole new life for you!
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Kelsall KC27 - Equinox - $22,000 offers   26'5'' x 15' 4" x 2'5"

Really well built demountable, trailerable ocean capable Kelsall KC 27.

Derek Kelsall's legendary Atlantic capable KC 27 ‘Equinox' was very well built in Port Lincoln by Richard Sickert as a comfortable family cruising boat, successfully sailing between Port Lincoln and Adelaide, and frequent holidays around the Port Lincoln, Coffin Bay area.

The whole build made excellent use of the Bote Cote ‘liquid welding' and sealing of all of the components and the premium plywood all surfaces.  The result 20 years later is a highly desirable completely sound, stable, modern coastal and open water capable extended cruising and family boat that is ready to go now, with a new owner.

New Yamaha. 9.9 hp High Thrust out board. Set up with prop wash direct to rudder.
Good ground tackle
Metho 2 burner stove in galley area.
Big strong trampoline forward, spacious deck aft.
Double capable berth in aft of hulls.
Sails, standing rig and running rig in good condition. 
Cop R Bote easy maintenance original extreme long life anti foul, 20 more years to go!

Lots of storage space

Offers around $22,000


  Click pic to enlarge
  Aft Steps Fwd Trampoline Engine
    Engine Box/Table   Rudder
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NIS23 Mk1- Sardine Chopper - $25,000   23' x 7'4" x 8"

Very good build, all premium materials.  Cruised St Vincent Gulf over 20 years.  Cop R Bote permanent anti foul.  Ken OBrien (Australia 2) sailmaker tan sails.

Alloy spars.

The boat builders/owners are aeroplane builder Chris and engineer Michael.

Very thorough, careful builders. The cb and rudder blade are perfection!

I always warn people that the worst ships to be in are partnerships! This the big reason why the boat is under cover at Chris's home!

Located in Adelaide - Stored undercover in builder/owners suburban back yard.
Inclusion/equipment that is part of the sale.
Appropriate (recommended) 3hp longshaft Honda 4 stroke.
Condition of the boat and equipment. Very sound.
As new Premier single axle trailer.
Is the trailer registered? Yes (or can be immediately updated)
Is the boat registered? Yes

Adelaide South Australia.



1 set easy mast folding alloy tabernacles available to retrofit. $3500.  


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NIS23 - Maid Marion - $33,000 offers   23' x 7'4" x 8" SOLD!

Elegant build. Easy folding mast  tabernacles. Great racing record in South Australia.  

Tandem Premier Trailer. 6 HP out board motor. (more power than is needed, 3 is plenty!  Ken OBrien (Australia 2) sailmaker tan sails.  

Extra set of carbon/mylar near new racing sails.  Alloy spars and tabernacles.

Goolwa South Australia.

Offers around $33000



  Click pic to enlarge
  Up goes the main mast Racing in Goolwa Cabin
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Oughtred Acorn Skiff 15 - $9,000 ono   15'1" x 3'10 1/2" x 1'5"

Superb rowing whitehall style machine.

May be rowed 1 or two up.  May be set up for sail.  Possibly the best built Acorn 15 in Australia.  All Okoume plywood, All Hoop Pine trim, etc. epoxy construction by master craftsman Chris Rebecchi.  

Price includes trailer, but this boat may also more conveniently roof topped on good roof racks.  

Oars included.

Boat in NSW.

  Click pic to enlarge
    Cockpit Vee Berth
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Hartley 18 - $6900   18' x 7'10" x 11"

Hartley 18’ half cabin planing hull open water capable cruiser. Galvanised Premier Trailer. Built circa 1965.

Two excellent Volvo Penta motors, one as spare; gear box, prop shaft and prop. Serviced, ready to be put back in boat. 

Unused South Lakes Marine Upholstery full head room  convertible storm proof canopy kit. Unused  windows and screen, waiting be fitted. Tidy strong build.  Sleeps two, inside cabin.



Under sole and inside cabin stripped ready for Bote Cote epoxy sealing.  Needs to have 'the bits' put back on.  Volvo Penta manuals and parts catalogs included.

And much more.

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NIS 26 - $3500   26 x 8' x 10"

Part built NIS 26 hull, cabin furniture and cockpit framing on crappy but useful trailer . Okoume plywood. All epoxy filleted and coated.  Glassed outside. CB case in place.

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NIS - 9.5 - Santa Maria - Gift - $25,000   31'3": x 9'9" x 1'6" Draft

Currently in northern NSW,  still in build.  The owner has been doing a careful job of her, using the best materials.  We know, we supplied them!

However as sometimes happens. life itself outruns the original reason to build.  The owner had intended to build  her with electric drive, and to cruise with his enthusiastic younger family.

They kinda grew up, along the way, and priorities have changed.

The boat and her stories would have been sensational. She also might have been the first NIS 9.5 in the world with our unstayed carbon masts booms and tabernacles. 

To have been called, Santa Maria, she now awaits somone else to pick her up, and carry her to where she might be finished, and make the dream real.

There is a lot of materials and equipment with her.

Enough Bote Cote epoxy resins, glass fabrics, Okoume plywood etc etc to finish her.

She is still upside down on her building frame.  

She is pretty much ready for lifting off the build frame, tuning and fitting out of the interior.

The owner may be able be able to lift her onto a big traytop truck or semi trailer.



  Click pic to enlarge
Nearly 90 litre of premium Bote Cote, applicator tools and some EGlue too I think.  Nearly Au$3K
  More glass Huge stack of Okoume plywood.  At a guess about $7K Everything in safe storage.
  Nicely faired and glassed very strong but light hull. Hull transom view Glassed centreboasr
  Alloy tabernacles  still in wrapping.  Bear in mind the deal includes carbon masts valued today at about 16K, still in wrapping.  Ok but not worth much now with the preferred new carbon tabernacles
    Sister ship, Geraldton WA  This is what you can do, too!  and most of the heavy lifting is done. Live abourd cruiser, if you wish.
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Karma 2 - Offers around $9,000   9m x 3M x1.4 (Adelaide) BARGAIN!

Sound well equipped ready to go cruising/club racing.
‘Karma2’ is an NZ built (Compass Yachts) fibre glass cutter interpretation of the famed Herreshoff H28, slightly stretched and enlarged to 9M. Full headroom throughout a spacious interior set up. In her owner John’s 15 year custodianship of Karma 2 he has probably won more club harbour and open water events than any other yacht in the fleet at the Port Adelaide Sailing Club.

‘Karma2’ is in very sound condition, and comes with a long list of good gear.

Teak trim throughout. Need s new owner to take her to new horizons and great family experiences.

Very comfortable and fast. Big enough to live aboard.

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