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Kids Boat Building in the Old Ram Shed
The Royal Adelaide Show: 1 - 10 September 2017


ONLY at The Adelaide Show! Build and design your  own boat!  Take it home with you!  September 1-10, 9 to 6, every day In the Old Ram Shed.  Next to the wood chopping! How appropriate!   USE drills, Hammers, Saws, Nails Rubber Bands, Sailcloth, String, Organic Battery Motors.  Even bring your own stuff.  New hull designs this year, and optional new type paddle wheels.    GET a DIPLOMA OF FINE BOAT BUILDING then  launch, sail and even motor it in the... GREAT DEEP!!!  More info, contact Robert, 0428 817 464.

Institute of Back Yard Studies Approved Activity.

NOTE: Other things in the OLD RAM SHED.. Good Coffee!  Blacksmiths making red hot horse shoes and bits and pieces, River Boat Captains from Mannum and Goolwa with real River boat Steering Simulators and other  experiences, models of the Marion and Oscar W, serious Knot Tying and much more, including the St Ayles Skiff and Schooner ‘Independence’ builders from American River on Kangaroo Island.  Also we have Sheep shearing in there, and Spinners and weavers to turn the wool into hats and jumpers.  We have hand made soaps and body lotions, and a hit with many of you, Tom and his friends at Melbas Chocolates!

The OLD RAM Shed.  The secret, special place to be, in the Adelaide Show!

PS Every family that builds a boat, goes into a draw for a brand new , complete Auk Dinghy Kit.  Sail generously provided by Bravo Sail Makers.

Your big hull ($15) and or your small hull ($10) and include two masts, use of all our tools, and all the fabrics, nails string rubber bands coloured contact paper etc you can use from our mountain of resources The organic battery powered motors are ($5) are also really popular.  And there is a mountain of stuff to use that costs no extra for colouring, including rolls of various colour high quality shiny contact for making logos on sails etc.

The new optional side wheeler sets are not yet priced but are expected to be around $10.  Still top secret.

You can come back all day ( till 6pm) and do more on your boat, or you can leave it on the “Great Wall Of Honour’ so that other kids can learn from it, and then, at he end of the day take it home with you!  Saves banging it about when you go on rides and stuff, too.

Brigantine, 2016
Grand Admiral Robert does a Launching, at The Great Deep
A handsome Schooner, Old Ram Shed, 2016
RMS Titanic! 2016
The Great Wall Of Honour!  If you look closely you will see some of the organic  battery motors!
The Great Wall Of Honour
Kids lining up to ‘drive’ the ‘Mighty Mayflower’

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